Evon Executor
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Evon Executor

Powerful executor with a simple and elegant user interface that supports keyless DLL, KRNL, and Oxygen U in addition to its own built-in script list. Everything in a single place.

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Evon Executor
Evon Executor

Configurations for each use case

Available in Evon's settings is everything from auto-execute to smooth injection to an FPS unlocker and more.

Strong IDE

You may realize your full scripting potential with Evon's Integrated Development Environment, which uses the Monaco editor to deliver an Optimized Scripting Experience.

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Evon Executor

Frequently Asked Questions

People ask questions all the time, and we like to answer them.

Which scripts is Evon compatible with?

Evon is a Level 8 Executor that can support any script, with the exception of those created specifically for Synapse-X. This indicates that 99% of contemporary scripts will execute without any issues. Because Evon adheres to the Unified Naming Convention, it can work with 99.9% of contemporary scripts. If for some reason some of the scripts cannot be executed we suggest to try Kiwi X which can provide similar flexibility in terms of the supported types of the scripts.

Why does my antivirus software and Virustotal claim that Evon is a virus?

The DLLs in Evon, which are used to inject into Roblox, are the reason these flags are mistakenly raised and flagged as malicious software. "False Positives" are a widespread problem that affect all executors. Online research can tell you more about false positives!

Do I need to generate or buy key in order to use Evon Executor?

No, Evon is completely free executor, you do not need any keys to use it.

Download Evon Executor

Easy and fast setup, no activation key is required. Completely free executor.

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